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Trump says he's being investigated over Comey

President Donald Trump complained in a furious Friday morning tweet that he was being investigated for firing former FBI Director James Comey.

In the absence of any evidence of collusion with Russians or any other wrongdoings, Mr. Mueller and his team will have to resort to making stuff up, e.g. "obstruction of justice" (or, more appropriately, "obstruction of nothing", since there was nothing of substance to obstruct in the first place).

This whole sorry affair is obvious an attempt to weaken and de-legitimize a sitting President.

In the meantime, to judge by swelling disgust on the social networks, the American people are becoming impatient with what is obviously a wild goose chase.  Mueller had better either come up with something quickly or else close this case once and for all.

The story about the special counsel investigating possible obstruction of justice illustrates how stupid the whole thing has gotten on both sides.

Of course the special counsel is going to investigate possible obstruction of justice. That’s his job: to investigate allegations and for this one there is a factual basis: Trump did fire Comey. Mueller may only look at it for a few minutes before he decides Trump was acting wholly within his authority, but he will have “investigated” at least the law.

Does everybody know that Ronald Reagan promised to lift Jimmy Carter's grain embargo against the Soviet Union while Reagan was campaigning in 1980? I don't remember anybody investigating Reagan for "collusion" with the Russians after Carter got the boot.

Then again, people probably figured that everything Carter did was stupid. If he put a grain embargo on the Soviets, then people probably assumed that Reagan was correct in wanting to end it.

Just imagine the similar situation if Trump had promised to end sanctions on Russia after he was elected.

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