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Sarah Palin sues The New York Times

It's almost impossible for a public figure to prevail in a defamation suit in the USA. But it's good to see Sarah Palin file one because it is negative publicity about the incompetence if not actual malice that drives the New York Times. That might hurt them more than paying a settlement would.

If Palin can get a judge to allow the case to proceed to jury trial, then that would be embarrassing for the New York Times folks to be subpoenaed and put under oath. Give Palin an "A+" in moxie for not letting the NYT push her around.

The issue of per proving monetary damages is the tough part. But it would be worth a fortune even if a jury would award Palin $1 in symbolic restitution.

From Fox News:

Former Alaska Governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin filed a lawsuit against the New York Times Tuesday over an editorial that tied her to the January 2011 shooting of an Arizona congresswoman.

Palin's attorneys claim the paper defamed her in the June 14 editorial, published hours after House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., was shot and wounded by a deranged man while Scalise was practicing with the GOP's baseball team in Alexandria, Va.

"We have not reviewed the claim yet but will defend against any claim vigorously," New York Times spokeswoman Danielle Rhoades Ha told Fox News.

Palin is being represented by Kenneth Turkel, Shane Vogt and S. Preston Ricardo in the suit. Turkel and Vogt were part of the team that secured Hulk Hogan a $115 million award at trial from Gawker Media Group. Gawker appealed, but the two sides eventually settled for $31 million and Gawker and its founder, Nick Denton, were forced to file for bankruptcy.

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“Today, Sarah Palin took a stand against The New York Times Company by filing a lawsuit which seeks to hold The Times accountable for stating that Governor Palin is part of a ‘sickeningly familiar pattern’ of politically motivated violence and that she incited the horrific 2011 shooting of Representative Gabby Giffords, a tragedy where the gunman seriously wounded numerous people and killed 6, including a federal judge and a 9-year-old girl,” Palin’s lawyers said in a statement.

The complaint points out that The New York Times "column acknowledges that there is existing hostility held toward Mrs. Palin, and also recognizes that her name and attacks upon her inflame passions and thereby drive viewership and Web clicks to media companies.”

“The Times published the Palin Article with actual knowledge that stories attacking Mrs. Palin inflame passions, which drives viewership and Web clicks,” the complaint further reads. “Thus, The Times knowingly and voluntarily exploited and retained a benefit conferred by Mrs. Palin, in special circumstances particular to this case in which it would be inequitable for The Times to retain that benefit without paying the value thereof to Mrs. Palin.”

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