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Baseball practice becomes violent attack against Republicans

It started with a single pop, which for a split second was not alarming to the Republican members of Congress who had gathered for baseball practice Wednesday. Then gunshots in quick succession rang out, injuring Rep. Steve Scalise and others.

There's no shortage of Democrats who have been openly calling for assassination of the President. Some depict it on stage; some have published gruesome images such as Kathy Griffin's beheading.

The problem with such exhortations, apart from being classless, vicious, and despicable, is that it gives mentally deranged individuals a certain level of permission and confidence to take action.

We need to condemn both the acts of violence and those who seemingly incite or cheer violence in the same breath. We are not a bunch of savages, but a civilized society. People should grow up and take full responsibility for their words and deeds.

As for the shooter, Hodgkinson has a history of violence and has been arrested several times before.

The lunatic fringe that is inspired by the left's hate are the potential murderers. These folks spew their hate and venom against the President and then attempt to hide behind feigned ignorance when one of their lunatic adherents rises to the next level.

Progressive leftist would like everyone to innocently believe that their constant drumbeat of disdain and disparaging remarks have no effect. Well, obviously they have had an effect and have persuaded the deranged to follow suit.

The frightening thing is that these psychopaths are indistinguishable from "normal" liberal protesters. They say the same things, carry the same signs and posters, are similarly obnoxious, and talk of killing those who disagree with them. Democratic operatives were even hiring mentally ill homeless to disrupt Trump rallies.

Recently we have witnessed the frequent spectacle of a semi-organized group "Antifa" committing brazen acts of violence, with almost no condemnation from the progressive left. It's as though the metric of tolerance for violence has been recalibrated upward. The end justifies the means.

Yesterday's New York Times had the headline "Virginia Shooting Suspect Was Distraught Over Trump’s Election, Brother Says". How many other "distraught" unstable characters might be out there, planning deadly acts? 50% of the country was distraught after the elections, rejected the results, pledged "resistance". One can see this type of violence escalating out of control.

It would be wise for the Left to tone it down on the violent imagery, e.g. the Katy Griffin beheading prank, the reprehensible NYC Public Theater depicting Trump stabbed to a bloody death night after night, etc.

The progressive left has gone collectively insane and I fear things are going to get worse before they get better.

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