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A quick thought about Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods

Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods can't possibly be about helping Whole Foods rein in its costs. Why would they have spent $14 billion on that?

It seems that Amazon wants Whole Foods' distribution, marketing, and retail locations, in order to advance its own ambitions in perishable food sales.  Perhaps they have the notion of creating a virtual Whole Foods where shoppers can decide what they want online, then enter the store to pick up the product or have it delivered by drone.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out.

Shopping for food, especially for perishables, is a visceral, physical experience.  You hold, squeeze, and sniff the product. You spot some really fresh looking spinach, and on a whim toss that in the basket. You sample the aged cheddar cheese, and grab a nicely wrapped quantity that feels just heavy enough to last the week.

How on earth will that experience translate to an Amazon/Whole Food shopping website?  We'll have to trust the geniuses at Amazon to solve it.

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