Key moments leading up to Comey's firing

The President is in charge of the Executive Branch.  That means, he gets to hire and fire people like the FBI director and many others.

The FBI director was conducting a baseless, politically motivated investigation of the President's alleged Russian ties.  Donald Trump canned James Comey for working at odds with the White House -- and good riddance.

There exists no evidence that Trump or anyone on his team was colluding with the Russians, or was compromised by the Russians or any other foreign entity.  Even Michael Flynn's business ties seem innocent on the face of it; his sin was omitting mentioning a paid speech, and not any nefarious activity that came to light.

Yet, the Democrats feign shock and anger that the FBI chief was fired in the midst of an "investigation", a project which obviously was intended only as job security, since you can't fire someone who's investigating you... unless you're Donald Trump.

Here is a timeline of events that led up to President Trump abruptly firing Comey in the midst of the agency's investigation into whether Trump's presidential campaign was connected to Russian meddling in the election.

Obama severely politicized the Justice Department and the FBI. They became as subject to the invented narratives of the left as the rest of Washington and the legacy media. James Comey succumbed to the environmental pressure, and became a creature of those narratives, too.

Firing Comey won't fix the problem, though. Several layers of Washington must be stripped away and replaced by objective, non-partisan personnel--if they are replaced at all.

We're in trouble, folks. The hue and cry over Comey is just the latest example.

An unspoken, but fascinating aspect of the  Comey firing was how surprised the press corps was. There were no leaks. Could it be that Trump has either plugged the leaks, or succeeded in obfuscating his intentions behind a series of false trails? It would appear so.

Firing Comey was a good first step. Next should be a serious investigation into the unmasking of private citizens by government officials, an investigation of the corrupt Clinton Foundation, and a true, public accounting of the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal.

All the while, Trump's appointees must continue the house-cleaning throughout the federal goverment, down multiple levels in the bureaucracy. They work for us, and they need to be reminded of that. All too often, particularly during the Obama years, they behaved like our masters.

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