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Brennan stopped short of describing Russia collusion

Former CIA Director John Brennan told House Russia investigators Tuesday that Russia "brazenly interfered" in US elections, including actively contacting members of President Donald Trump's campaign.

Brennan told the House Intelligence Committee that President Trump may have violated intelligence protocols during his meeting with Russian officials and that he believes Russia is trying to "actively exploit" animosity in Washington.

Of course Trump associates were in contact with Russia. Let's stop the foolishness.

Meetings like this weekend's in Riyadh and now in Jerusalem don’t happen by accident. I suspect this one has been in the planning since Trump first met with Henry Kissinger a year ago this May.

The Michael Flynn and Jared Kushner involvement with foreign leaders was most likely as part of the planning. Yet despite the heavy incoming the people’s business continued to be done.

How well it’s working is a testament to Trump’s tenacity.

To understand what is going on in the Middle East and Trump's overtures, including to Russia over the last year, one also has to understand Iran’s quest for power in the region and why they will go for broke to achieve it.

There is a confrontation going on between Iran's modern Shia vision of an Islam led by religious mullahs and that of the Arab Sunnis led by a political leadership. Iran's vision is in effect a threat to all Arab leaders, and is why the latter have been so active against Iran, starting with the nearly ten year Iraq-Iran war that was then led by a Sunni political leader, Saddam Hussein.

So in a way Iran’s quest for influence over its neighbors is a religious quest and one they are not likely to abandon for any reason short of superior military power. It is also why they will continue their pursuit of nuclear weapons.

If Iran succeeds the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia may conclude that in order to match Iran on equal terms they too need to lead politically as well as religiously. That would result in a potentially internecine conflict between the Wahhabis and the Sauds.

That makes the situation in the Middle East very explosive and why I think Trump's visit is so immensely important. Unlike the rabid media and Democrats, for the last year I've been watching very carefully who Trump consults and meets with, and I've been thinking of the larger geopolitical picture for much longer.

Thus, I believe that Russia can play a critical role in bringing Iran, Turkey and Syria to the negotiating table, and indeed they are sponsoring talks between those three players that have been going on in Kazakhstan for many months.

I further believe Trump's meeting with Russian senior officials while master geopolitical thinker and negotiator Henry Kissinger was in the White House, and then the meeting with the President of Turkey, were no accident. In fact, that's why I believe Flynn and Kushner met with Russian officials much earlier.

While the media and Democrats have been having conniptions over Russian collusion, Trump has all along been laying the groundwork for a grand solution to the Middle East problems. Just look how excited the Saudis are about him and his visit.

So please let us stop being naïve and instead hope that Trump is successful in keeping a major flare-up in the Middle East jeopardize the world economy by depriving it of the oil it needs to operate. Even if we have our own oil , our trading partners don't and if they have difficulties they will spread to our shores.

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