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Despite setbacks, Trump off to a decent start

In the long run, a President is measured not by his Gallup ratings but by his accomplishments.

Donald Trump is off to a decent start, working hard to reverse the abuses of the Obama era through executive orders and support for good legislation.  He has nominated for the Supreme Court a great jurist who is very likely to be confirmed.

Trump could ultimately appoint dozens, perhaps hundreds, of judges to the courts, and gradually the judicial branch will shift away from social justice activism and back to its roots as defenders of the Constitution.

If Trump's poll numbers have "cratered" it's only because the degenerates who oppose his pro-America agendas are disappointed with his success:

By the numbers:

* Enacted more legislation and signed more executive orders in the First 100 days than any president in a half century

* Enacted 28 pieces of legislation, more than any other president since Truman

* Signed 25 executive orders, the most of any 100 days in over 50 years (will be over 30 by day 100)

* Achieved first Supreme Court Confirmation in 100 days since 1881

* Instituted tough immigration policies that have driven illegal border crossings to a 17-year low

* Removed more job-killing regulations through legislation than any president in U.S. history

* Estimated savings: $18 billion annually

* Economic optimism has been renewed, with consumer confidence reaching its highest level in 16 years

* Ordered the toughest new rules to stop the revolving door between Washington lobbyists and government officials in history

100 Days of Accomplishments

Job Creation:

* Stronger Enforcement of Trade Guidelines
* Approving Permits for the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines
* Study Into Using American Material in Future Pipeline Construction
* Withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership
* Historic Partnership with the Private Sector


* Ordering a Freeze and Study of Immigration from Areas Compromised by Terrorism
* Halting Funding to Sanctuary Cities
* Increasing Numbers of Immigration Enforcement Personnel

Public Safety:

* Establishing Commission on Opioid Crisis
* Standing with Law Enforcement Officers
* Creating Task Force on Violent Crime
* Tackling International Cartels

National Security:

* Targeted Strike on Syrian Airfield
* Travel Restrictions on Select Countries Compromised by Terrorism
* New Iran Sanctions
* Calling for Increased Defense Spending in Budget Blueprint
* Cost Savings on F-35’s

Cutting Regulations:

* Energy Independence Executive Order
* Revocation of Federal Contracting Executive Orders
* Reexamination of CAFÉ Standards
* Review of Waters of the United States Rule
* Creation of Regulatory Task Forces
* Eliminating Stream Protection Rule
* Eliminating Regulations on Extraction Companies
* One-in-Two-Out Regulatory Reform
* Minimizing Affordable Care Act

Helping Women/Minorities:

* HBCU Initiative
* Canada-United States Council for the Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs
* Promoting Women in Entrepreneurship Act
* Promoting Programs to Engage Women in STEM Fields

The President is up against corrupt and tenacious forces that will fight to the death to prevent the swamp being drained.  They are trying to defame, discredit, and abuse Trump and his staff however they can.

Keep your eye on the ball, Trump team.  Make America great again.  Millions of us are counting on you.

While Trump’s mistakes are more extreme than the sort “all presidents make”, all presidents make mistakes at the outset. We wanted a president who had the chops to jump-start politics frozen by eight years of liberal excess within which we saw six years of conservative excess in response.

Donald Trump was the only candidate the people saw who had a foot in each camp, who owed neither anything and who offered the hope of healing us from extremes and getting us moving again politically. None of that has changed, even by the mistakes, largely the tweets but also jumping before having ducks in rows.

But so far we haven’t seen an even-handed Trump. He’s been too busy paying back political favors – which is odd, because he was really elected by Democrats who turned their coats when they saw that HRC didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of accomplishing anything ... and because they didn’t like her.

Trump needs to put all else aside and focus on taxes, regulation and "immigration".

I've said it before, no President is ever going to fit the bill for everyone's wants. What it comes down to is electability, which, with a country as diverse as the U.S., only comes with compromise. Hopefully, not on core principles, but the social justice items require flexibility.

You need to give some in order to get something.

As long as you're basically in the same ideological ballpark, differences can be worked out, if you have a candidate who is willing to learn and change. Obama and leading Democrats have proven incapable of making those changes (incompetence has many forms), which is one of the reasons we are where we are today!

It is becoming clearer that many voters wish us to return to the day envisioned by the Founders of the "citizen candidate," a person who had a successful career outside of government before entering public service.

This is a rejection of the professional political class that has spent the last 40 years telling us what they are going to "do" for us and how they are going to "fight" for us. We have awoken to discover that, instead of helping us, they have dramatically increased Washington's power over us and, to add insult to injury, saddled us with the bill.

The Trump phenomenon is simple to understand: people are fed up with lying professional politicians who won't address the problems that are taking this great nation down the tubes. I don't know Trump knows himself what he would do but he is not shy to fight for what he believes once he makes up his mind and I sense people want a fighter, not one who hedges all his or her bets and wants to please everyone.

Well, he certainly has more credibility than most of the professional politicians running. How can they be believed when they have been part of the problem for so long. At least Trump promises a new fresh approach.

Conservative Republicans have seen what has happened to the Tea Party movement as it was sabotaged by the IRS selectively targeting patriotic and conservative organizations by intrusive audits, harassment and plain persecution.  In 2010 Tea Parties brought an energy and focus to the conservative wing of the Republican Party that was truly remarkable and this alarmed its leadership.  The movement was too independent and didn’t need financing or direction.  They had ideas of their own.

The Tea Parties were not so much an ideological movement as they were a reaction to the corrupt internationalist Republican core.  While the IRS harassment was urged on by anti-rightist "watchdog" sympathizers and liberal Democratic Senators, the Republican establishment was not unhappy, even though they paid for it in 2012 when they lost close races they should have won.

Donald Trump's support represents values still held deeply by many conservative Republicans outraged by its RINO inner elite.

Trump is just saying the truth in a way that the people understand. Politicians never even speak substance, just mention nouns but don't give them any content--they are afraid it would turn off one or another voter. Trump calls them as he sees them. The people may not agree but like that someone is finally telling them something real.

The phenomenon we see with Trump is the same that put Fox News on top: they filled a gap, maybe not as stridently as Trump, although some would say just as much, but still they filled a gap.

When asked about who they trust, people score politicians the lowest. Trump is tapping into that, with the double advantage that by doing it not only do people listen but he gets a lot of free publicity from the very media that he knocks.

Take immigration. Every politician on all sides of the isle just beats around the bush with no one addressing the issues the people see. Trump does.

Trump created outrage when he said illegals coming across the border are a crime wave. I started following it then.  Three things have happened since that I can report:

1. A vibrant young lady was murdered in San Fransisco by an illegal with a bunch of felonies and deportations.

2. A retired homicide detective in California told me 42% of crimes charged in the state today have illegals as defendants.

3) A Hayward, California police sergeant with nice family pulled over a 21-year old kid and was shot in the face with a 9mm.  The turnout for his funeral, to support his teenage family was so big they used the Oracle Arena.

Now here's the thing about number 3: go read the San Jose Mercury News or the San Francisco Chronicle and you'll think the guy they've arrested was just some kid. No, he and his family are illegals from Mexico but they will not report it.

Trump was right!

We the people are tired of the hypocrisy and tired old ways of professional politicians and welcome a new face who calls them as he sees them. Maybe he is a bit rough around the edges but often that's the way the truth sounds. Politicians by contrast are so worried about whose toes they may step on that they never say or do anything meaningful.

Even if he doesn't get elected he should have the salutary effect of letting other candidates know that We the People are fed up with being spoon fed nouns without content. We want real answers to what we see is going on in the country. Trump provides them while professional politicians run away from them. Enough. Let's address the problems we have without more BS.

It's interesting that there was such a huge Republican establishment boom for Mitt Romney in 2012, whose business accomplishments are nil in comparison to what Trump has accomplished.

Trump does have a big mouth with a thin filter between thoughts that pop into his brain and words that come out of his mouth.

But, if we want a person who understands business in the White House, why would Trump not be our first choice? We especially glorify entrepreneurs. Is Trump not the kingpin of entrepreneurs? He doesn't talk like he owes any loyalty to anybody but himself. Is that the problem? Or do we really want another Republican tool of big business,  or a Dem tool of big labor and big government in the White House?

We seem to be picking on Trump because he has the big mouth of a self-made man. Do we not want to cut him some slack on being a self-made man of fantastic accomplishments in business?

Granted Trump can be harsh, rude, and sometimes appears in love with himself.  But he has earned his way to the top in the business world, raised ambitious and successful children, and is generous with his money in both overt and covert ways.

Trump gets things done; no matter what it takes.  He's not perfect, but he loves this country.

The nation better take Trump seriously, especially the Republicans.  He is speaking the language that many of us want to hear but don't from the political machine, on either side.

Trump is rough, gritty, not PC, and doesn't mince words. He calls it how it is rather than how it should be or "probably" is, and doesn't give a rat's ass about the media or what they think of him.  In other words, he's real and all of the other candidates are posers.  They have too much to lose, he doesn't.  That's why he can talk truthfully about this country's major issues.  And he's right about most of it, but not all of it.

Should Trump be taken seriously?  Oh yes.  If you are a Democrat or a Republican, be very afraid. This man is a loose canon with the right talk and the right walk with the right weapons.  Take heed politicians, this man is going to shake you to your core.

Underestimate Trump at your own peril.

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