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Patriots defeat Falcons 34-28 in historic Super Bowl LI

When it was 28-3, I would have placed almost any bet on the Falcons winning. Wow. Was I wrong. (I bet a lot of fans lost a lot of money on fourth quarter bets.) I underestimated the possibility of the Falcons choking, or of the determination of the Pats led by Tom Brady.

It wasn't an fast turnaround, but rather "a game of inches."

For the first time, I saw Brady in the same light as Joe Montana. The calmness he projected, even when they were almost certain to lose, and then the way he drove the team to victory with huge successful gambles, was just like Joe. Simply amazing.

I'm not a fan of either team and was hoping to watch a great game. I can't remember a Super Bowl where one team was completely clobbering the other basically until the last half of the last quarter and then the tables turned so drastically.

Tom Brady proved that's he's the greatest quarterback of all time. What a performance in the final quarter and the OT drive. Wow.

Also, the camera showed Belichick on the sidelines quite a bit and he was working hard to infiltrate that Atlanta defense. It seems that he finally figured out the key with almost no time to spare. He was doing the same thing with his defense in the second half to stop the amazing Atlanta offense. Scoring 31 unanswered points against a team with the best offense in the NFL after they scored 28 points wasn't luck. It shows what a strategic master that Belichick is. Amazing.

Congrats to both teams for an unforgettable game.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman walk through New England's 34-28 victory over the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI.

Tom Brady has a record fifth Super Bowl win for a quarterback after the biggest comback in the game's history, and one of the greatest catches.

Super Bowl LI MVP Tom Brady and Patritos head Coach Bill Belichick talk winning their fifth Super Bowl title.

Atlanta Falcons fans are sad but say they'll rise up and stay proud of their Dirty Birds. The Falcons lost the Super Bowl to the New England Patriots in overtime, 34-28.

Patriots and Falcons on historic Super Bowl LI.

New England Patriots fans celebrate in Texas.

Fans of the New England Patriots filled the streets of Boston to celebrate their team's dramatic overtime Super Bowl win over the Atlanta Falcons. Hundreds gathered in Boston Common, a downtown public park.

In a high-powered solo performance at the Super Bowl halftime show, Lady Gaga sings hits, flies and even catches a football before jumping off the stage.

Country singer Luke Bryan belts out the U.S. national anthem at the Super Bowl.

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