MSNBC: Donald Trump is a fake President

How long before Trump kicks MSNBC out of the White House press corps, while accusing the network of being a fake news outlet?

During his first full length press conference as President earlier this week, Trump spoke from the heart, with courage and with power. He explained the immense accomplishments of his administration, and gave encouraging news of what is in the works.

Trump took the media to task for making a spectacle out of General Flynn, but he talked to them respectfully and without malice.

The President answered a question about how he planned to restore safety and opportunity to the inner cities with heartfelt concern. Trump "hit it out on the park" on this one.

Apart from being entertaining because he vilified the MSM, whose approval numbers poll lower than those of Congress, Trump also made some important points missed in this analysis.

Trump opened the national discussion on how destructive it is to have classified information leaked to an ideologically biased progressive media with destructive motivations, pointing out that the leak of Flynn’s contacts were ultimately bad for Flynn, and the private talks with the president of Mexico and the PM of Australia were unfortunate – but what happens when extremely delicate communications about North Korea or the Middle East are leaked?

The President also made it abundantly clear that the press didn’t’ have a right to know his decisions about critical matters, such as Russia’s spy ship off our coast, and that he wasn’t going to be telling them anything sensitive until he was ready to make such information public – because he didn’t want potential adversaries to know how he planned to act.

It was a good press conference.

Trump is uniting the country the right way, by speaking honestly, and from the heart. I haven't seen this from any presidents in my lifetime other than Reagan and Kennedy.

To people who hate his guts, which includes most of the press, Trump doesn't care what they believe. He is demonstrating the stability of his administration by his actions:

1. Crackdown on dangerous illegals.

2. The wall is being designed and will be built.

3. Sanctions on Iran

4. Major tax reform is in progress

5. Jobs returning to the USA in the hundreds of thousands

6. Government contracts being renegotiated to save billions.

7. Judge Gorsuch on the way to the Supreme Court.

8. TPP dead, NAFTA-WITH-MEXICO being renegotiated.

9. Rapprochement with Israel.

10. Rapprochement with post-Brexit Britain.

11. Reaffirmation of alliance with Japan.

12. Will issue a new executive order on immigration next week.

13. Signed an executive order overturning Obama's restrictions on coal mining.

Not bad business for one month in office.

Trump showed a lot of heart, sincerity, and courage. He was confrontational with the media, while still being courteous. He knows that the media is never interested in reporting the truth about anything.

The progressive media has Watergate on the brain, when the reality is that General Flynn had an innocuous conversation with the Russian Ambassador. He was asked to resign because he talked snarky to Mike Pence, who is Trump's chief confidant and superior to Flynn in the administration pecking order.

Trump spoke movingly about his agenda to improve inner city safety and security, and the conflicts in his conscience in deciding what to do about DAPA ("dreamers") children.

No fair-minded person was fooled by the progressive press trying to bait him. They keep asking Trump stupid questions, then get mad when he provides intelligent answers to questions they didn't ask.

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