Betsy DeVos sworn in as Education Secretary

Charter school advocate Betsy DeVos won confirmation as Education Secretary Tuesday by the slimmest of margins, pushed to approval only by the historic tie-breaking vote of Vice President Mike Pence.

Progressives are hypocrites (which is a redundant statement). The more school choice that exists, the less need for a Department of Education, a centralized federal bureaucracy costing $50 billion a year and accomplishing nothing of merit.

DeVos seeks to return the power of choice to the people, thus obviating the need for her own position. Only an outsider not deeply wedded to the D.C. bureaucracy could make such a call.

Given that the Department of Education has failed in its task of promoting higher literacy, science and math skills ever since its founding, what reason is there for its existence?

Since 1979 we have paid about $1.5 trillion for the Department of Education, and every year students' literacy and math skills have declined.

Think of the science we could have done with that money, replace the Space Shuttle, provide science and math grants and scholarships to promising high school students or lowered the national debt.

We will not have a vibrant academic achievement environment if money is the only criteria. We have a cultural problem in this country that tends to get ignored in the education debate, i.e., the breakdown of family, both morally, economically and culturally and the government programs and expenditures that promote or contribute to the permissive social wedge that ultimately fractures parental ties with children and their chances for success.

Parents, students and most of the Western world love choice and competition. DeVos has spend most of her life and much of her fortune improving schools by providing choice. Guess who hates and fears her?

Critics of school choice are afraid their public school monopoly will be broken, and over paid, under performing union teachers will have to improve or get fired. The consistently falling performance of our schools lies at the heart of our declining competitiveness and welfare society.

The dishonesty of the progressives and their ability to foul their own nest is unlimited.

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