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WATCH: Governor Abbott delivers State Of The State address

Governor Greg Abbott today delivered his State of the State address where he outlined his emergency items and priorities for the 85th legislative session.

The Governor named four emergency items in his address to lawmakers, including: reforming Child Protective Services, banning sanctuary cities, implementing meaningful ethics reforms and passing a resolution calling for a Convention of States.

Coinciding with his State of the State address, Governor Greg Abbott today released his budget for the 2018-19 biennium. The Governor’s budget ensures Texas will live within its means while fully funding key priorities without raising taxes or debt, and without looting the Rainy Day Fund. The budget released by the Governor builds on the successes of the 84th Legislature and looks to the future by strategically investing in priorities that protect the safety and security of Texans, furthers educational advancement of our future workforce, and empowers the private sector to create jobs, while also defending individual liberties and guarding against government overreach.

“This upcoming biennium will be a time for addressing essential needs and eliminating the non-essential wants,” said Governor Abbott. “That is why my budget proposal ensures that state government lives within its means while maintaining funding for important, but limited priorities. Fostering a climate of fiscal responsibility, low taxes, reasonable regulation, and limited government will enable Texas to remain the envy of the nation and encourage private sector investment, expansion, and innovation.”

Highlights Of The Governor’s Budget:

Adds $500 million for reforming Child Protective Services (CPS)
Maintains $800 million in funding for border security
Fully funds $5 billion in additional road construction without new taxes, fees, debt, or tolls
Fully funds optional, high-quality PreK programs
Fully funds job creation programs like the Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF)
Fully funds the Governor’s University Research Initiative (GURI)
Fully funds disaster-relief programs
Cuts taxes on employers (franchise tax) by another $250 million
Maintains funding for development grants that support Texas military bases

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