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President Obama: Race in America no longer just a black and white issue

On Wednesday, President Obama spoke about race issues in America during his final White House press conference.

"As I said in my speech on Tuesday, we've got more work to do on race. It, it, it is not, it is simply not true that things have gotten worse -- they haven't. Things have gotten better.

"And I have more confidence on racial issues i the next generation than I do in our generation, or the previous generation.

"I think kids are smarter about it, they are more tolerant, they are more inclusive by instinct than we are. And hopefully my presidency maybe helped that along a little bit.

"You know, when we feel stress and pressure, when we're just fed information that encourages our worst instincts, we fall back into some of the old racial fears and racial divisions, and racial steroetypes. And it is very hard for us to break out of those and listen, and to think about people are people, and to imagine being in that person's shoes.

"And by the way, it is no longer black and white issue alone -- you've got Hispanic folks, you've got Asian folks. This is not just the same old battles, we've got this stew that is bubbling up of people from everywhere," Obama said.

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