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Hutchinson County Sheriff's deputy shot: Suspect Christopher Garza dead

Thursday afternoon, a Hutchinson County Sheriff's deputy was shot near Fritch after confronting Borger shooting suspect Christopher Garza. The deputy's injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

Captain Brandon Strope of the Borger Police Department said the 44 year old Garza was shot while exchanging fire with the deputy. Garza was pronounced dead at the scene.

At approximately 3:30 pm on Wednesday, Hutchinson County Sheriff Kirk Coker attempted to stop a vehicle believed to be involved in a separate unrelated shooting. The vehicle fled from Coker and a pursuit was initiated.

Multiple law enforcement vehicles were involved when the suspect began firing through the back window of the suspect vehicle. Sheriff Coker's patrol vehicle was struck in the windshield.

Law enforcement officials confirmed that Coker was not injured during the shooting.

Pursuing officers pulled back and maintain a safe distance because of the gunfire and the suspect began to pull away.. Officers lost sight of the vehicle, but found it a short time later in the 700 block of Brain street.

Garza had fled from the vehicle.

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