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Anti-abortion rally draws large crowd to Texas Capitol

By Mariana Alfaro

Amid Texas' battle to remove Planned Parenthood from Medicaid, thousands of Texans participated in this year's March for Life. Marchers made their way to Capitol grounds Saturday morning carrying signs calling for the defunding of Planned Parenthood and for overturning Roe v. Wade, the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion across the country 44 years ago this week.

Sally Flowers, a participant visiting from Sugarland, said she hopes President Donald Trump continues establishing policies that "protect life."

"I want him to pick a Supreme Court justice that will overturn Roe v. Wade," Flowers said.

Marchers filed in to Capitol grounds at around 2 p.m, after assembling several blocks away. State Rep. Byron Cook, R-Corsicana, spoke to attendees and celebrated the implementation of the state’s sonogram law, saying it has "saved over 50,000 lives." The Texas law requires doctors to perform a sonogram at least 24 hours before an abortion, display the sonogram images, make the heartbeat audible and provide a verbal explanation of the sonogram results to the woman. Doctors must also describe the medical risks of an abortion and determine the gestational age of the fetus.

The new administration, Cook said, gives him hope for the passage of more anti-abortion policies. In his first week in office Trump struck down what’s known as the Mexico City policy, which prohibits U.S. agencies from funding organizations that perform or promote abortion services.

"The new administration might prove to be the most pro-life administration (in our lifetime)," Cook said.

This article originally appeared in The Texas Tribune.

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