Rudy Giuliani explains why he is no longer seeking position in Trump administration

On Friday, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani announced that he has decided to remove himself from being considered for a position in the Trump administration.

"I decided, I guess it was about 10 days ago, November 29th, that the whole thing was becoming kind of very confusing and very difficult for the President-elect and my desire to be in the cabinet was great but it wasn’t that great and he had a lot of terrific candidates and I thought I could play a better role being on the outside and continuing to be his close friend and advisor.

"That’s sort of the role I played during the campaign, I never worked for the campaign - I was never part of it. It gave me a certain degree of independence in being able to give advice and I saw that he had so many good candidates available, I mean there was no reason to complicate his life any longer.

"So I withdrew back on the 29th," Giuliani said.

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