Big 12 commissioner wants clarity on College Football Playoff

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby is asking the College Football Playoff officials for clarity on how and why the four teams were seated for the upcoming playoff in college football's top division. Bowlsby in particular wants an explanation as to how Ohio State received the number 3 seed without winning the Big Ten conference title.

"Obviously I acknowledge the difficulty of the task, but I'm not sure what I advise my members right now, because we've been telling them that nonconference schedules matter, and one of the four has an exceedingly weak nonconference schedule.

And we've been telling them the 13th data point matters, and we added a conference championship game because of that. We've always heard that conference championships matter and division championships matter, and now it's confusing."

"I'm just looking for clarity. We didn't have a team that was a likely participant in the playoff, and so from that standpoint it doesn't make a lot of difference to us this year, but I'd just like to know what we're supposed to advise our members.

"Does the 13th data point make a difference, or does it not? Does the conference championship game make a difference, or does it not? Are they only used as tiebreakers, or is it other metrics?

"We've told our schools you shouldn't be surprised if you don't get in if you play a weak nonconference schedule, and then somebody with a weak nonconference schedule does get in," Bowlsby said.

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