FBI says it will review Hillary Clinton emails ASAP

The FBI will sort through thousands of newly discovered emails in its renewed examination of the practices of Hillary Clinton, an official said Monday, raising questions about whether any findings will be released before Election Day.

Comey should absolutely call Hillary’s bluff: release whatever they find. You put a team on this, they can parse 60,000 emails in a few days. They can match them with the ones she turned over.

If they’re from Hillary, to Hillary or have either Hillary or Huma CC’d but don’t match, then they’re among the 33,000 that were deleted as “personal emails”. If they speak of pay-for-play, Friends of Bill getting juicy Haiti reconstruction contracts, big time favors to foreign donors to the foundation, or worse, classified documents that had no business existing outside a secured environment, then the deletion of the 33,000 was a clear obstruction of justice. And beyond being criminal, they’d be pretty embarrassing as well.

Hillary Clinton may have engaged in deliberate obstruction of justice. The problem is that emails are hard to erase from everywhere they are replicated, as is now being discovered.

Obama's Department of (Social) Justice (and Progressive Narrative Enforcement) torpedoed the original Hillarygate investigation, suspiciously soon after the meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on the tarmac. My guess is that Bill said something like this: "we were promised immunity by Obama."

There are too many people involved, though. The genie is out of the bottle.

Loretta Lynch didn't abdicate her duty; she honored her commitments to Progressive values, Democrat control of Washington, and loyalty to the Clintons. Democrats put those duties above the Constitution, or haven't you been paying attention during the Obama years?

The Obama Department of (Social) Justice (and Progressive Narrative Enforcement) is the most politicized department in history. They're more focused on reparations and righting perceived racial and gender injustice than on investigating and prosecuting actual crime--you know, things that actually break the law.

So, get out the popcorn: this should be good.

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