Hillary Clinton's history with Anthony Weiner

Hillary Clinton's first reaction reportedly was "don't talk to the media". So typical for someone who absolutely abhors any sort of personal or political transparency. The last thing she would want is to have Abedin relate what might have been on the devices seized by the FBI, something that should have been done to all of Hillary's people when the investigation originally started.

Comey would have everyone believe that investigations into texting a 15-year old somehow merited a more customary FBI seizure of evidence than someone running for the presidency. In contrast, this latest foray into evidence gathering makes the original kid gloves treatment look all the more despicable.

If the FBI and Comey had conducted a proper investigation the first time, as they would for any other person suspected of such duplicitous behavior, there wouldn't be a need to re-open the investigation.

Like Hillary, Comey has no one to blame for this but himself and his #2 man, Andrew McCabe, Terry Mcauliffe's bought and paid for stooge. Besides everything else that was whitewashed or mishandled, Comey should have requested McCabe to recuse himself if McCabe didn't have the integrity or moral character to do so himself. Obviously, $600,000+ can but you a get-out-of-jail-free card from the FBI if your name is Clinton.

To all the Hillary supporters who think this situation is limited to Huma Abedin, this entire affair begs the question that if Hillary is not even able to properly manage her small coterie of supporters, how could one reasonably expect that she could "manage" the entire federal government as President? The one area as Secretary of State where she had to exercise some management ability turns out to be fraught with unmitigated failure.

Hillary's persistent paranoia drove her to compromise government secrecy in how she and those for which she was directly responsible handled classified government information. The buck stopped with her. She created and imposed an unsecured private server situation that forced her staff to accommodate her penchant for secrecy and fear of FOIA requests.

Now the pigeons are coming home to roost. Maybe, the truth will finally emerge from someone other than Wikileaks.

A look at the relationship between Anthony Weiner and Hillary Clinton.

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